quarta-feira, janeiro 25, 2006

A minha homenagem ao Teorema

Excerto de um texto sobre a influência dos blogs no mundo e na minha vida, a ser publicado nas revistas "Wired", "Science", "Photo", "Auto Sport", "Gina" e "Dica da Semana":
"Finally, on a more personal note, my thinking has been influenced by the blog of which I am a member. Unlike most other blogs in Portugal, that have a single author or whose authors have a common trait, or that are about a specific topic, I joined a blog where the people involved have different and/or opposing views in relation to politics, religion, sex, football and social issues. It is, therefore, a blog where plural perceptions and analyses regarding unlimited subjects can be found. Through this experience, I have learned to understand and accept other points of view, and sometimes to even agree with certain opinions that I would at first be inclined to diverge with, mainly due to the quality of the pieces of writing posted by my fellow bloggers and their argumentative skills. Concomitantly, I have improved my critical reasoning and developed a more acute way of analysing and finding weaknesses in third parties’ arguments, thereby attempting to oust the debilities from my own way of thinking. This could not have been gained in any other forum. "